Order Finalization

The client must first finalize what products he/she is interested in getting manufactured. There are various specifications which are to be kept in mind such the Brand Name, Packing Size, Packing Type, Product Rate. Also, to keep in mind is the order quantity. Different products require different batch sizes. Such as for tablets and capsules a minimum batch size of 500 is required, for liquids such as syrup or suspension a minimum batch size of 3000 is required, for injections a batch size of 3000 is required, for ointments a batch size of 5000 is required.

Raising a Purchase Order?

After the client has finalized all the things which are mentioned above a Purchase order is raised by the manufacturer in which all the specifications are mentioned. Also, to be added other charges such inventory charges and packing material security charges. The purchase order is then shared with the client on his or her email id which they have provided.

Documents Required

There are certain documents which are to be provided by the client before the beginning of the contract manufacturing process such as the Drug license copy, GST certificate, Complete Marketing Address etc. Also, in some cases the client must provide a legal copy of the registered brand name of the product. These documents are to be submitted priori beginning of the process of contract manufacturing.

Beginning of the Process

Once the manufacturer has gathered sufficient orders for the product, they start the shift. Normally in case of Tablet and Capsules a batch size of 10-20 lakhs is set for one day in the machinery. It is very important for the manufacturer to get the complete orders before beginning the process because the cost of manufacturing a smaller batch size is very high and it will not match the economies of scale.

Packaging of the Product

After the product is manufactured it is then filled in the strips and the outer cartons are provided by the packaging vendors. A team of people then make sures that as per the specifications the strips are packed in the boxes. For example – The packing size of Azithromycin tablet may be 10×3 or 10×6 so it is important that every box must contain 10 strips.

Delivery of the Product

In this stage after the packaging of the product the dispatch department then checks the entire quantity of the product manufactured and matches it with the original Purchase order. Then the delivery partner is contacted for raising the G.R Copy. Also, in some cases if the value of goods is above 50,000 then an e-way bill has to be raised on the government provided website. Once the G.R Copy is made it is then shared with the customer.