Ceftriaxone 1g Injection

Crezone 1000

Ceftriaxone 1000 MG

CREZONE 1000 Injection Details

The brand name of  Ceftriaxone 1g Injection presented by Creogenic Pharma is CREZONE 1000. Below mentioned are some of the details about this product.

  • Composition of Product: Ceftriaxone 1000mg
  • Marketed By: Creogenic Pharma
  • Prescription Required: Yes, as it belongs to Schedule ‘H’
  • Form: Injection
  • Shelf Life/Expiry: 2 Years or 24 months from the date of manufacturing
  • Type of Drug: Anti-Bacterial


    What is Ceftriaxone 1g Injection?

    Ceftriaxone is a drug that helps to treat various bacterial infections such as gonorrhea which is a sexually transmitted disease, infection in female reproductive organs, meningitis that causes infection in membranes surrounding our brain and spinal cord along with various other infections of the skin, lungs, ears, bones, blood, joints, urinary tract, and abdomen.

    How is Ceftriaxone?

    Ceftriaxone is used to fight various types of infections caused by bacteria. It is also sometimes given before surgeries to prevent any future bacterial infections. Ceftriaxone injection belongs to a class of medicine which is known as cephalosporin antibiotics. It will not work against any viral infection.

    Dosage of Ceftriaxone 1g Injection?

    The Dosage of Ceftriaxone should be decided by a physician for every patient depending on various factors such as Age, Weight, Mental Status, Allergic History, etc. of the patient.

    It is not recommended for use of Ceftriaxonein children without the guidance of a Pediatric Consultant.

    Dose alteration should only be administered as per the guidance of the Physician.

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    Ceftriaxone 1000 MG

    Ceftriaxone 1g Injection

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